ALL LANDS within angelexe Estates Follows SecondLife’s Terms:

—angelexe Estates Private Community Regions—

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———Welcome to angelexe Estates———

We offer the most quality, affordable high-performance private server land in SecondLife. We are committed to providing our landowners and prospective landowners with the highest quality service. Our lands are private estate / Full region 30,000 prims, offering the highest quality and performance in lag-free land and stability compared to the public mainland. With us, a Second Life premium account is not needed to own land. Enjoy the same admin powers as mainland land ownership plus more; such as the ability to change land options, terraform the land, subdivide and join land, privacy, and share ownership and build rights with friends and family with your own group, also providing up to 75%, seventy-five percent more prims than the mainland and the competition, with less fees.

Allow us to be the realty team exceeding expectations that provides for your land needs in SecondLife.

***********This is about our residents in angelexe Estates that have a FULL SIM only:
— Estate manager powers for full customization(textures, rating, and more)
— No covenant (you can decide your own covenant) – but MUST follow Second Life’s / Linden Labs Terms and Conditions here:https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions

*********** ALL LANDS within angelexe Estates Follows Second Life’s Terms and Conditions: https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/second-life-terms-and-conditions